Celebrating Our Ten Year Anniversary!

As we celebrate ten years of service, we have you to thank...

Thank you for sticking by us all these years.

Thank you to those of you that have joined us along the way.

We're still here because you're with us. For that, we remain grateful.

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Discover why many attorneys and lenders alike have chosen Mega Title as their title insurance agency.

You have a choice. You can do as usual and not really care about who does your title search and insurance; or you can work with a smaller, more agile company. We get the job done, provide you with an experienced agent who knows your file, and we genuinely care that you successfully resolve any title search issues. More and more buyers are now searching for what is the best title insurance company and what is the cheapest title insurance?  The better we educate our buyers, the easier their real estate transaction. 

A mortgage or real estate transaction always involves a large amount of money, and therefore always needs to be a zero-defect process: efficient, fast, and thorough.

Mega-Title is New Jersey's title insurance and search agency of choice. Our knowledgeable title producers, agents and staff have several decades of experience in handling transactions for real estate lawyers, mortgage companies, corporations, and homeowners, building the most efficient digital technology and a reputation for excellence in the process.

What can you expect from Mega Title?

A thorough title search gives you the assurance that your title is not contaminated by:

  • Incorrect liens and unreleased mortgages;
  • Incorrect or incomplete ownership structure;
  • Ownership changed by family events;
  • Document fraud or signed by unauthorized person;
  • Transactions covered by invalid powers of attorney;
  • Errors in documents, such as missing signatures;
  • Inflated asset value;
  • Other party mortgages;
  • And other types of errors, omissions, or unauthorized transactions or documents;

Mega Title will perform pre-purchase research on sellers and after-sale recording verification.

In all of our New Jersey courthouse searches, we guarantee quick turnarounds and will send all documents by overnight mail to clients, attorneys, and lenders.

Mega Title's services are closely integrated with those of your legal counsel, Mortgage Company, and real estate agent to avoid double work and to execute the entire process within the strictest deadlines.

Title Insurance

Title insurance is mandatory and protects the owner and lender against defects in the title that might appear in the future. Mega Title works only with top-rated and rock-solid First American Title Insurance Company to protect what could be one of your most important monetary transactions.

Online Services

Mega Title gives you free access to a wide range of calculators, documents, forms, search links, and reports on our Online Title Service page.

All New Jersey title service firms charge the same rates by law. In other words, there is no reason not to choose the one who gives you the best service and the fastest possible turnaround time to protect your interests.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements and questions.

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  • Samah and her team at Mega Title were efficient and professional in
    handling our refinance closing. I had used them in a prior refinance
    and was so impressed with the attention to detail that I came back
    this time again. They are accomodating to your schedule, meet the
    deadlines so they don't waste your time and most of all treat you as
    if you are their most important customer at all times. I couldn't ask
    for better service - they took care of everything. Just had to show
    up and sign.
  • As a real estate attorney, I have dealt with numerous title companies.
  • I recently refinanced my home. Mega Title really made my life much easier.
  • I really appreciated the excellent service and caring attitude during my refinance.
  • I can't express how impressed I am with your customer service!

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